15 Household Items You Can Make A Bong Out Of – Part 2

Compostable Smokables

Why stop by the head shop when you’ve already been to the farmer’s market?

How to Make an Apple Pipe of of Household Items

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and a toke or two bids your stress adieu. Put them together, and you’ll feel better than you have in weeks!

What You’ll Need to Make an Apple Pipe

  • Apple
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Weed

Directions for Making an Apple Pipe

  1. Make the Holes

Use the pen or pencil to stab through the top of the apple. Be sure you get through to at least the middle of the core, but not all the way through to the base. This hole will act as the bowl. Then poke a second hole through the side of the apple, perpendicular to the path you just created. This will act as the mouthpiece. The two holes should meet at the middle of the apple. Finally, make a third hole on the other side of the apple that also connects to the previously cleared pathways. This hole will act as the carb.

  1. Carve the Bowl

To your discretion, further carve the initial hole into the shape of a bowl. Make it nice and cozy for your cannabis to live in!

  1. Clear the Path

Blow through the holes to ensure that the paths are clear of debris and that all three holes are interconnected.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Pack the bowl you’ve created at the top of the apple, light the herb, and inhale through the mouthpiece while working the carb. Enjoy with a warm slice of apple pie and steamy apple cider to complete the autumn apple experience.

How to Make a Pineapple Bong out of Household Items

Smoking Pineapple Express in a pineapple bong while watching Pineapple Express and eating pineapple upside down cake: try to name a better Friday night!

What You’ll Need to Make a Pineapple Bong

  • Whole Pineapple
  • Rubber or Plastic Tubing
  • Large Knife
  • Small Knife
  • Spoon
  • Joint or Chillum
  • Weed

Directions for Making a Pineapple Bong

  1. Prepare the Pineapple

Cut off the top of the pineapple and set it aside. Use the large knife to make an X-shaped incision into the flesh of the pineapple, making it easier to scoop out the middle. With a large spoon, scoop out the middle of the pineapple, creating a water chamber for your “bong”.

  1. Make the Holes

Use the more narrow knife to pierce a hole – approximately the same size as your tube – in the side of the pineapple. Then, pierce a hole of the same size in the pineapple top you set aside.

  1. Construct the Bong

Cut the tubing in half. Place one of the halves into the hole at the side of the pineapple – it should be long enough to reach the water chamber and act as the downstem for this setup. On the outer end of the downstem tube, you can place your chillum or joint, along with some putty to adhere it. Place the other half of your tube into the hole in the pineapple top. This will act as your mouthpiece. Finally, fill the pineapple with enough water to submerge the downstem tube, and then close the pineapple with the tube-equipped top.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Put a lighter to your joint or chillum, and inhale through the mouthpiece tube at the top of the pineapple. Remember to buy some tiny umbrellas!

How to Make a Carrot Chillum

A carrot can make an extremely sturdy smoking apparatus. Unfortunately, using a carrot chillum won’t improve your eyesight.

What You’ll Need to Make a Carrot Chillum

  • Carrot (Thick & Straight)
  • Paring Knife
  • Skewer (Metal or Bamboo)
  • Weed

Directions for Making a Carrot Chillum

  1. Prep the Carrot

Cut the carrot just below the stem. This thick end will eventually become your bowl. Make a second cut where you want the mouthpiece to be.

  1. Mark the Entry Points

Using the same paring knife, make a slight incision in the center of each end of the carrot. Slightly drill into the carrot, twisting the knife. These marks will serve as your entry points in drilling.

  1. Drill the Hole

Utilize the skewer to make a clean path from end to end. Once the pathway is created, you can widen the bowl end and make any necessary adjustments.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Pack the bowl with your favorite stash and enjoy a gardenside toke.

How to Make a Jalapeno One Hitter

Jalapeno poppers are the perfect spicy stoner treats, but if you want to add some spice to your smoke sessions too, we have some good news . . .

What You’ll Need to Make a Jalapeno One Hitter

  • Jalapeno
  • Thin Knife
  • Weed

Directions for Making a Jalapeno One Hitter

  1. Prep the Pepper

Nothing serious here! Just wash your pepper: you don’t want to smoke out of unwashed produce!

  1. Pull the Stem

Remove the stem from your jalapeno. This should open up a pretty clear path through the middle.

  1. Bite the End

Bite off the other end of the pepper. This should complete the airflow pathway. If it doesn’t, use the thin knife to clear the way for precious marijuana smoke.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Pack the stem end of the jalapeno and rip away for a spicy kick along with the smoke.

How to Make a Pumpkin Bong

Halloween is over, and every grocery store entrance is lined with discount pumpkins. Grab a gourd and find out the true way to make the Halloween season last with this festive household item!

What You’ll Need to Make a Pumpkin Bong

  • Pumpkin
  • Bowl and Downstem
  • Mouthpiece (tube, pipe, straw, etc.)
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Weed

Directions for Making a Pumpkin Bong

  1. Prepare the Pumpkin

Using the knife, carve off the top of the pumpkin. Then, completely clean out the pumpkin “guts” as if you’re planning to carve it. Once you’re finished, use the knife to mark where you’re planning on placing your downstem and mouthpiece holes.

  1. Make the Holes

The bowl hole should be on the side of the pumpkin, driving in at a downward angle so the downstem can reach the bottom of the pumpkin. The mouthpiece hole should be near the top of the pumpkin on the opposite side from the downstem. Create the holes with the knife, and size them based upon the size of your downstem and mouthpiece.

  1. Construct the Bong

Install your mouthpiece, downstem, and bowl. If the seals aren’t airtight, feel free to use silly putty, bubble gum, or mystery sludge to fill the gaps. Finally, fill the pumpkin with the necessary amount of water and replace the pumpkin top.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Pack a bowl with your favorite Halloween-themed weed (we recommend Zombie OG or Jack Skellington), and enjoy your session with a spooky twist!

Toys for Tokes

A stoner’s perfect toy box would be filled with a plethora of pot and paraphernalia: Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, bongs, bowls, and blunt wraps! However, when household items of that variety run dry, you may find luck in a more traditional toy box.

What You’ll Need to Make a Mr. Potato Head Pipe

  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Power Drill w/ Drill Bit
  • Joint
  • Straw
  • Silly Putty
  • Weed

Directions for making a Mr. Potato Head Pipe

  1. Prepare the Potato Head

Take your Mr. Potato Head and say a prayer for him – he’s about to go through some major surgery. Luckily, Mr. Potato Head is already equipped with holes galore, so you have a jumping off point. Choose three holes to move forward with, and remove all attachments from said holes.

  1. Pave the Airways

Using the power drill and drill bit, drill into the chosen holes, toward the middle of Mr. Potato Head. Once finished, blow through the holes to ensure that all three pathways are connected and clear.

  1. Assemble the Pipe

Stick the straw in the hole intended for the mouthpiece. Stick your joint in the hole intended for the bowl. The remaining hole acts as your carb. If any seals seem less than airtight, you can fix that with silly putty.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Light up the joint and enjoy your one-on-one smoke session with Mr. Potato Head!

How to Make a Starburst Pipe

After rummaging through the toy box, it’s only right to take a dip in the candy jar! Starburst has been a force in the candy world for 60 years, and now they can be a force of fruity goodness in the weed world.

What You’ll Need to Make a Starburst Pipe

  • 6-10 Starburst (the pink ones are the best)
  • Skewer or Toothpick
  • Weed

Directions for Making a Starburst Pipe

  1. Prepare the Starburst

There are 12 Starburst in a pack. To make a pipe, you’ll need 6-10 Starburst, so eat the remaining 2-6 and enjoy! When you’re done, unwrap the Starburst you’ll be building with.

  1. Form the Pipe

Stack your Starburst and squish them together until bonded. Then, form them into the rough shape of a pipe.

  1. Create the Airway

Use a skewer to drive a hole through the stem and shaft of your Starburst pipe. Then use the skewer to create a bowl that’s connected with that pathway.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Pack your candy like any ordinary bowl, and enjoy that sweet, sweet high.

How to Make a Lego Bong

This feat may be a longshot, and it might require the skills of a bona fide master builder. But Lego says their bricks can be built into any shape and anything.

What You’ll Need to Make a Lego Bong

  • Legos
  • Waterproof Adhesive
  • Bowl and Downstem
  • Weed

Directions for Making a Lego Bong

  1. Build the Bong

Using the Legos, construct a (preferably functioning) bong. A simple straight tube into a water chamber, supported by a strong base is the obvious direction to go. But you’re building a bong out of freaking Legos – don’t worry about the status quo!

  1. Secure the Bricks

Once you’ve built the perfect design, secure the bricks with a waterproof adhesive.

  1. Complete the Setup

It’s probably harmful to smoke Legos, so finish your design off with a glass bowl and downstem.

  1. Smoke Cannabis

Pack the bowl and enjoy the blocky fruits of your labor. Oddly enough, The Lego Movie is a terrific stoner flick.

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