Best Flavored Rolling Papers You Need to Try

If you are not sure which rolling paper flavors you need to try out, then you must read on to find the list of the top rolling papers in the market. There are lots of options to choose from which you can get at smoke shops, dispensaries or online stores. With these many products in the market, there is constant debate over which would be the best to try out. It depends on personal preference. But if you are a newbie then it is good to go with expert advice about rolling paper for blunts.
Rolling papers that are worth a try:

1. RAW Organic 300’s: 

these are unrefined and natural rolling papers that make use of non-GMO hemp along with natural gum made using sustainable methods. It gives a natural and clean light taste. They are not much processed and unbleached with a translucent brown color. Each pack contains 300 leaves and is watermarked to prevent runs. This rolling paper burns evenly and is completely additive-free and natural as well as a 100% vegan product.

2. Juicy Jay’s flavored papers: 

Rolling paper juicy jay are dipped triple times to make the entire paper taste evenly and good not just the tip area. Juicy jay rolling papers king size comes in 30 different flavors including vanilla, mint chocolate, candy, grape, brandy, and blueberry. You can roll these papers easily and they are made using hemp which is infused with the relevant flavor. Some papers have bright patterns that are created using nontoxic soy-based ink. The gum seal consists of natural sugar and provides an enhanced flavor. These flavored papers are also available as pre-rolled cones.

3.  Medicated papers by lift tickets:

this is a California dispensary which claims to be the best and world’s first flavored rolling paper which is made out of 100% natural cannabis. It is an award-winning product that is infused with the best medicinal strains of the industry. These papers have some added flavors and even medicinal hash oil. You can find them in pre-rolled single as well as double packs. If you want to add some additional boost to your joints without consuming any hash oil then this is the product for you. It burns quite slowly and it is simple to use and is 100% natural product which is environmentally friendly.

4. Randy’s roots wired rolling papers:

these lines of rolling papers made out of hemp are of Randy’s company. It is made out of hemp which is thick and burns evenly and slowly. It is a vegan product that is unbleached and appeals to the organic lovers. It gives you a natural smoking experience as it contains natural Arabic gum and organic hemp without any additives. It is the perfect product for rookie rollers as it has a unique wire attached at its bottom edge. This wire supports the joints when the paper is rolled and the joints become strong, tight and straight. As the paper starts burning the wire bends in the form of a handle and you need not worry about burning your fingers as the joint becomes small while smoking. Some people toss the joint when this burns down to the level of a roach.

5.  T.Ras Rolling Co. Corn Husk Papers:

this company named T.Ras Rolling company was formed in New York by a person who rolled the joints in a corn husk. These papers are manufactured out of 100% corn husks and are sized appropriately. You can find them in packages of 6 filters and wraps. In each pack, there is a spray bottle that is used to moisten the paper before rolling it. Due to this, the husk becomes soft and pliable. These papers burn evenly and slowly and have a neutral taste. It allows you to enjoy the entire flavor of the herb and is good for people that want to add some extracts to their joints. The husk is strong enough so that the oils can be absorbed and they don’t burn or drip away. It is a completely natural and tobacco-free wrap which is super easy to use.

These are the top 5 rolling papers for blunts that you must try. The ranking is based on market sales and customer reviews and testimonials.