How to Clean a Bong for Beginners

What happens if you do not regularly clean your bong

All your bongs should always be cleaned frequently, and this is why:

– Bongs are produced to offer you slow hits, and a dirty one is just going to make you hit harder and risk breathing hot embers ;
– Dirty water in your bong also affects the aroma and taste of the herb
– Your dirty bong environment is perfect for living in fungi, bacteria, yeast, and various pathogens, and last but not least,
– Dirty bongs are simply sloppy and you can seem sloppy and dirty, especially if you are having a group session with your friends.

How to Clean Your Bong

Cleaning a bong is very easy, which you can do readily with your own products at home.
It works if you also have a glass bongor a silicone bong.

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to Clean a Bong for Beginners– 99% isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol-  sea salt
– 1-2 zip lock bags
– A bottle or bong brush

You are prepared to start once you have all you need, including your dirty bong.
1- You can begin removing all bong parts, such as bowls, stubble, and bangers, put them together with some salt in your zip lock pocket, cover them with alcohol, and close the baggie. You should at least allow it to soak until the remainder of the bong is cleaned.
2- Get out of your bong all your nasty bong water and rinse it out with clean water.
3- into your bong, put some salt. The effect will be to scrape stuff off the sides as abrasive.
4- Pour some alcohol in the bong, the top and bottom of the nozzle.
5-Just allow it to sit for 30 minutes at least.
6-Cover your bong’s holes with corks, a baggie, and a rubber band, so that you are able to shake it up without anything spilling.
7-Give your bong some shakes to pull the resin down.
8-You can take your corks or baggies and removes the liquid, rink them in the sink and add some freshwater for the next session once you realize that there’s no more resin in the glass.
9-Don’t overlook your other parts this time around in the solution. Give them a good shake so that they are clean and pleasant; empty the bag out of it, rinse it out and let it dry.

How to Clean a Bong for Beginners

How Often You Should Clean Your Bong

Once you have realized that it’s not difficult to clean a bong, you should start doing it more often so that you don’t compromise your weed’s smell and taste, nor your entire experience.

There is no stringent rule on how often you have to wash your bong, but if you want general advice, it is:
– The basic rule of thumb is that you’re a casual smoker and don’t have your bong daily after all.
– On the opposite side, when you are using your bong every day, every other day or so you can clean it, which is fine and safe.

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