How to make a cannabis-infused canna-grapefruit spritz

Discover the ultimate recipe for a tantalizing cannabis-infused canna-grapefruit spritz that combines the invigorating flavors of grapefruit with the relaxing properties of cannabis. Our step-by-step guide will teach you the art of infusing cannabis into this delightful and refreshing beverage. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this recipe will captivate your taste buds and provide a unique and elevated experience. Unlock the secrets of crafting the perfect canna-grapefruit spritz and enjoy the perfect blend of cannabis and citrus in every sip. Cheers to a refreshing journey into the world of cannabis-infused mixology!

How to make delicious cannabis-infused cocktails

Before you start mixing, there’s a few tried-and-true tips you should have at your disposal for the best canna-cocktail experience:

  • After following a recipe, periodically taste and adjust the amounts of each ingredient to create your ideal balance.
  • Use nice ice! Invest in an ice mold to create more professional cocktails that won’t dilute quickly.
  • Add your own flare: play around with garnishes to put a personalized stamp on homemade drinks. Try anything from cinnamon sticks to fresh figs.

Why a canna-grapefruit spritz

Spritzes are easy-breezy cocktails that lend themselves well to brunch and summer days. The idea being that you’re probably going to have a few of them. Spritzes should be light yet flavorful, and not too sweet. An easily customizable drink, you can use any seasonal fruit, juice or herb — this recipe builds on the herbal and bitter-tangy-sweet grapefruit flavors that naturally pair well with piney terpenes found in cannabis.

How to make a cannabis-infused canna-grapefruit spritz


  • 8 oz Cann Grapefruit Rosemary Tonic
  • 2.5 oz fresh grapefruit juice
  • Fresh rosemary herb sprig for garnish
  • Ice


  • Pour grapefruit juice over the ice in a large glass, then add the sparkling mixer.
  • Massage the herb sprig between your palms to release its essential oils and place into glass.

Products we mixed: Cann Social Tonics

If ever there was a drink that embodies the microdose mentality, this is it. This is the philosophy behind Cann Social Tonics, a small serving size sparkling drink that has only 2 milligrams of THC and 4 milligrams of CBD. Any of their flavors create a lovely spritz.

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Q Tonic

As an alternative, use your own low-dose tincture along with a high-quality tonic or sparkling mixer, like the ones from Q Tonic. If opting for a flavored seltzer, consider adding ½ ounce of sweetener such as maple or simple syrup.

Available: Nationwide