Where to buy nang cracker Australia?

Funky ball becomes popular in youngters nowadays. Although it just appeared not long ago, laughing ball has quickly become a trend that is loved by young people, even treating it as a hobby when going to a nightclub, taking a breath, you will laugh non-stop. For that reason, nang cracker is used widely in youngters as a tool to open funky cracker. Nang cracker, especially Perth cracker in Australia is a perfect choice for those who love funky ball.

What is nang cracker ?


Nang cracker

Nang cracker is a tool to open funky ball. It is small in size, easy to use, convenient when carrying on a picnic or travel. With smart design, nang cracker helps users easily open funky ball in a short time. With that design, users can easily disassemble and clean without any difficulty.

What is the material making nang cracker?


Nang cracker


It is made of high quality aluminum. Aluminum is a soft, light, silvery-white metal, which has 3 times better thermal conductivity than materials such as iron and steel. This is a material with high chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, color fastness in both water, abrasion, oil and acid. In addition, aluminum also has high strength, flexibility, rich color, reusable, easy to replace other materials, can withstand many different environments such as water, oil, dilute acid, sunshine …


Especially also able to resist the intrusion of insects.




Material: Aluminum alloy


Compatible: 8g Gas bottle


Diameter: 23mm, 0.9″


Height: 71mm, 2.95″




These are whipped cream crackers for 8g chargers


Please allow 1-3mm in size deviation due to manual measurement


Due to the light and shooting angle, pictures may have slightly chromatic aberration


What is nang cracker’s conveniences?


Nang cracker is small and lightweight, easy to carry, it is suitable for daily activities: bar, coffee shop, hiking and camping.


Simple construction and easy to clean. Especially, nang cracker is easy to use and no need to charge.


Nang cracker is designed with different colors such as red, yellow, purple combined with mysterious black, bringing the highlight and impression. Moreover, it is designed with eye-catching shape, bringing excitement to users


Where to buy nang cracker australia?



Nang cracker


Australia is a famous nang cracker market. With superior quality, comfort and durability, nang crackers australia are gaining popularity and trust. Currently, the market of nang cracker in Australia is developing very diverse with many designs, designs, sizes and more and more factories producing cracker capsules. However, to answer the question “ Where to buy nang cracker Australia?”, Perth cracker will certainly not disappoint customers.


Perth Cracker is a famous cracker maker brand from Western Australia. It can be said that this will be the place where you can buy the best quality cracker capsule. Not only famous for its developed industry, as one of the most modern cities in the world, Perth is also a famous cracker market. The elaborate capsule design is extremely sophisticated and sophisticated. Unlike other cracker crackers, Perth cracker is extremely durable and has a quality warranty.


Overall, Perth cracker is a good product to buy. In the market, there are more and more cracker caps with different designs and shapes, but with its long-standing brand, perth cracker deserves a place for customers to bring the best quality cracker products with good price. Moreover, Perth cracker increasingly innovates and creates many smart designs, to help  customers to use conveniently and clean easily.To own yourself the nang cracker produced in Perth, visit the link http://bongsnpipes.com.au and select the item you want to buy. We are committed to bringing the best quality products and the best online shopping service to customers.