Why you should Try a Silicone Bong

Why you should Try a Silicone Bong

Did you try a bong of silicone? This is why this fresh spin on the glass bong is becoming one of my favorite smoking stuff.

Did you still have an opportunity to attempt a silicone bong? You’re really missing out if you haven’t had this chance yet! I’m going to confess that the silicone water tubes idea at first got me a little wary, but when I first used one, I loved it! I burned like a pumpkin from a nice little silicone and I figured it was the biggest stuff! The bong struck itself was chilling, excellent taste, and greatest of all when her cat climbed on the board suddenly and pushed the bong over it did not break into a million bits! I chose to love silicone bongs then. This is why this second you need to get your fingers on some silicone bongs and dab rigs!

Why you should Try a Silicone Bong

They’re safe for the dishwasher!

One of the greatest advantages of a silicone bong is that it is produced of silicone grade meat, which means that these products are designed to be cleaned in the dishwasher. This allows them simple to wash, as you can think. I can’t start telling you how much easier it allows servicing for bongs. About two-thirds of the moment I waste washing and keeping my bong is split. For operations like smoking weed and extending my inventory of smoking pipes, this has gone me with so much more moment.

Impossible to Break

Unlike a glass pipe or a glass bong, utensils that smoke silicone are almost indestructible. Your silicone dab rig could be thrown against the wall and it wouldn’t crack. Use traditional glass to try that! Actually, don’t attempt this on the second idea. When it comes to storage and travel, the fact that silicone bongs are indestructible makes them a breeze. While on a walking journey, walking across the nation, or stealing a toke while living at your parent’s home, you can carry a silicone bong with you.

They Make Great Ice Bongs!

If you enjoy soft and refreshing hits, you’re going to enjoy how much water you can put in a silicone bong. If you have a downstate built of silicone, you can fit it with water from top to bottom and never think about floating water cracking downstate, a steady concern when placing water in your bong.
Silicone is good when it comes to managing heat, and the product remains warm for quite a while. This implies you’ll have soft, chilling, and delightful hits for at least one or two sessions.

Easy to Store, Easy to Carry

If you don’t have a situation for it, storing a glass bong can be a lot of trouble. On the other hand, if you don’t use silicone, you can basically just put it in a cabinet. That’s why they create such excellent partners for walking. In a backpack or suitcase, you can quickly bag one and bring it wherever you go. This is why silicone bongs can easily be loaned out to a friend in need or taken to a party or festival!

Silicone Can Also Withstand Great Heat

Silicone is used as an insulator, so silicone bongs, tubes and other equipment for smoking are created to resist high heat. As such, besides amazing bongs, they create excellent dab rigs. Don’t get me confused, glass dab platforms are fantastic, but once they begin cracking around the unit, they number the days of the platform. For years and years, that silicone dab machine will last you.

They’re Inexpensive

One of the greatest factors to buy a silicone bong is that it’s cheap, particularly when opposed to glass. For less than fifty bucks, you can buy a high-quality silicone bong. If your item got destroyed somehow, you can substitute it without placing it in your wallet an enormous hole.

Hits from a great Silicone Bong taste

Smoking your grass from anything other than glass may bring back memories of the strange taste of acrylic bong hits, but you don’t have to think about silicone. Because these bongs are produced from silicone meat grade, the fabric has no remaining flavor. You smell the punch alone!
It would be better for you to imagine bringing one of these to your set the next moment you’re searching at bongs for sell.For being on the go, they are excellent bongs. Traveling with them is simple and they are even easier to store