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Today the glass bongs and water pipes have evolved. Fitted with various features designed to expand the smoke’s surface area against the water, you’ll get the delicious flavor of your favorite herb without the hot inhale that every smoker hates. The latest glass bongs are designed for both flavor and comfort.

There are so many design options. You don’t have to settle for the basic glass bong or water pipes any longer. Look at the different colors and designs to really customize your chill out experience. Make your bong truly your own!

The glass bong water pipe has a long and eventful history. Originating almost 2,500 years ago from basic bamboo bongs, the glass bong is a tried and tested smoking device for everyone from the novice to the experienced smoker. We here at Bongsnpipes carry our own line you may have seen in one of our collection .

Large Glass Bonza Bubble Colorful Leaf 30cm
Only $25.40