Diversion Safes

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Diversion safes are a great way to hide your valuable items in plain sight. They look like ordinary household objects, such as a can of soda or a hair spray bottle, but they have hidden compartments inside. With these secret compartments, you can store important items without anyone suspecting a thing. It’s like having your own personal safe right behind your front door! The rusty keys that come with some of the diversion safes are great for keeping things even more secure and making sure only you have access to the hidden compartment. This is an excellent way to keep all of your valuables safe while also having them close by and easily accessible when needed. Diversion safes are an ideal solution for anyone looking to hide their items in plain sight without compromising their security.


These amazing leather money safes offer a secret compartment for storage and come in a variety of flexible materials, such as faux rocks and books. This makes it easy to store everything from credit cards and valuables to jewelry and cash. Inside the diversion safe is a discreet compartment, which will keep all your items safely hidden away from prying eyes. Not only that but they are also incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for those who are on the go or don’t have time to install bulky traditional safes. With these awesome diversion safes you can rest assured that your valuable items will be kept secure without giving away their presence.


The best diversion safes look just like everyday household items and create a secret compartment to hide your items in plain sight. This is one of the best ways to protect your home from theft, especially when you have roommates or burglars in the house. The top unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment with plenty of space for valuables and other items that you want to keep out of sight. With the addition of security cameras and other home security measures, diversion safes are an excellent way to ensure that your valuables stay safe from prying eyes.


Diversion safes are designed to look like everyday items, such as a huge hollow book, gold cache, mi6 cool and gum container. Inside these seemingly ordinary items is a hidden compartment where you can store your valuables. Not only are these safes great for storing money and jewelry, but they also make excellent hiding spots for manga comics or trident gum. They can even be used to hide hair brushes in their rightful places. Diversion safes provide an excellent way of keeping your valuables safe and secure without drawing attention to them. With their clever design and hidden compartments, these safes are the perfect way to safeguard your items without anyone being the wiser!