Billy Mate Azure Elegance Beaker Bong 40cm


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Please be aware that these glass pipes are handcrafted, and as a result, they may exhibit minor imperfections. The quality of each pipe may vary, and their appearance could slightly differ from the image on the webpage.

Additionally, it's important to note that glass products are delicate, and there is no assurance regarding their durability or longevity of use.

Billy Mate Azure Elegance Beaker Bong 40cm

Elevate your smoking experience to new heights with the Azure Elegance Beaker by Billy Mate – a masterpiece that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and craftsmanship.

✨ Key Features:

🔷 2 cm Thick Base: Immerse yourself in the stability provided by the substantial 2 cm thick base, ensuring a secure foundation for your smoking sessions. Bid farewell to wobbling and hello to a confidently anchored waterpipe.

🌈 Colored Mouthpiece with Matching Ice Catcher: Indulge your senses with a burst of color! The Azure Elegance Beaker features a vibrant colored mouthpiece that perfectly matches the ice catcher, adding a touch of personality and flair to your smoking ritual.

💙 Blue Neck with Golden Billy Mate Logo: Imbued with sophistication, the blue neck of the Azure Elegance Beaker is adorned with the iconic Golden Billy Mate logo. Make a statement with every draw as you showcase your refined taste and commitment to quality.

🌪️ Billy Mate Diffused Stem: Experience smooth and refined hits with the included Billy Mate Diffused Stem, featuring the prestigious Golden Billy Mate logo. This meticulously crafted accessory ensures optimal diffusion for an unparalleled smoking experience.

🪙 14mm Glass Cone Piece with Coin Style Holder: Elevate your packing game with the 14mm Glass Cone Piece, complete with a coin-style holder, making each session convenient and stylish. The perfect blend of form and function.

📏 Generous Dimensions: With a wide 13.5cm base and a towering height of 40cm, the Azure Elegance Beaker by Billy Mate commands attention. Its impressive stature ensures stability and adds a touch of grandeur to your smoking collection.

🌬️ Immerse yourself in the Azure Elegance Beaker – where craftsmanship meets sophistication. Elevate your smoking ritual with Billy Mate, where every detail matters.


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