Skull Bong Package


Skull Bong Package
Skull Bong Package


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+ 20cm Glass Beaker (4mm) with Ice Catcher
+ Glass Diffused Stem & 14mm Glass Cone Piece
+ 14mm Quartz Banger
+ 4-Piece Grinder with “Unique Skulls” Design
+ Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid (50mm x 65mm)
+ Metal Tray with “Unique Skulls” Design (185mm x 95mm)
+ Dab Tool & Cleaning Brush
+ Silicone Container for Concentrates
+ Gift Box with Display Window

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Please be aware that these glass pipes are handcrafted, and as a result, they may exhibit minor imperfections. The quality of each pipe may vary, and their appearance could slightly differ from the image on the webpage.

Additionally, it's important to note that glass products are delicate, and there is no assurance regarding their durability or longevity of use.

Details: Skull Bong Package

Embark on a whimsical journey of smoking delight with our exclusive Skull Bong Package, showcasing the captivating “Unique Skulls” Design. Immerse yourself in a realm where enchanting moments merge with unparalleled smoking pleasure, taking your smoking sessions to an extraordinary level.

Package Highlights

  • 20cm Glass Beaker (4mm) with Ice Catcher: Indulge in smooth, revitalizing draws from the 20cm glass beaker, meticulously crafted from 4mm thick glass. The integrated ice catcher ensures an exceptionally cool smoking experience.
  • Glass Diffused Stem & 14mm Glass Cone Piece: Enjoy the rich flavors and velvety inhales as the glass diffused stem and 14mm glass cone piece combine to deliver a premium smoking encounter.
  • 14mm Quartz Banger: Enhance your concentrate sessions with the top-quality 14mm quartz banger, guaranteeing impeccable flavor and satisfaction with every dab.
  • 4-Piece Grinder with “Unique Skulls” Design: Grind your herbs in enchanting style using the 50mm diameter grinder adorned with the captivating “Unique Skulls” Design. Collect your keif like a true mycologist of treasures.
  • Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid (50mm x 65mm): Preserve your herbs in impeccable freshness within the glass jar featuring a bamboo lid, adorned with the mesmerizing “Unique Skulls” Design.
  • Metal Tray with “Unique Skulls” Design (185mm x 95mm): Arrange your smoking essentials in a captivating manner on the spacious metal tray, showcasing the enchanting “Unique Skulls” Design.
  • Dab Tool & Cleaning Brush: Maintain your setup effortlessly using the included dab tool and cleaning brush, ensuring your equipment remains in flawless condition.
  • Silicone Container for Concentrates: Safeguard your precious concentrates in the durable silicone container, providing a secure sanctuary for your prized extracts.
  • Gift Box with Display Window: Unveil an exceptional smoking experience with the Ultimate Smoking Package – “Unique Skulls” Design, elegantly presented in a gift box with a display window, perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment.

Step into a realm of smoking enchantment with the “Unique Skulls” Design. Elevate your smoking rituals with a dash of whimsical allure and unmatched charm. Explore the zenith of smoking pleasure that will awaken your senses. Secure your Ultimate Smoking Package today and unlock a treasure trove of smoking opulence.

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