Vibrant Prism Shower Head Glass Bong 12cm


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+ Brand: Billy Mate
+ Material: 5mm Premium Glass Thickness – Glass on Glass
+ Height: 12cm
+ Weight: 1.2kg
+ Joint: 19mm (F – Stem) – 14mm (Cone Piece)
+ Shape: Percolator
+ Colour: Green/Pink/Purple – Random sent
+ Additional: Cleaning plug/optional carb hole

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Please be aware that these glass pipes are handcrafted, and as a result, they may exhibit minor imperfections. The quality of each pipe may vary, and their appearance could slightly differ from the image on the webpage.

Additionally, it's important to note that glass products are delicate, and there is no assurance regarding their durability or longevity of use.

Details: Vibrant Prism Shower Head Glass Bong 12cm

Introducing the Vibrant Prism Shower Head Glass Bong 12cm – a true masterpiece of visual artistry and functionality. This extraordinary waterpipe is a fusion of vibrant colors and impeccable design, crafted to elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

The Vibrant Prism Waterpipe boasts a mesmerizing colored shower-head perc, ensuring smooth and enjoyable hits every time. As you inhale, watch in awe as the smoke filters through the water, diffusing and transforming into a breathtaking display of swirling colors. The perc not only enhances the visual spectacle but also delivers exceptional filtration, ensuring a clean and satisfying draw.

Available in an array of assorted colors, this waterpipe is as unique as you are. Choose the hue that resonates with your style and personality, and make a bold statement with every puff.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we’ve included a 14mm glass cone piece, allowing you to pack your favorite herbs or tobacco effortlessly. But that’s not all – this versatile waterpipe can also transform into a dab rig simply by attaching a 14mm banger. Experience the best of both worlds with a single piece of exceptional craftsmanship.

Standing at approximately 12cm in height with a sturdy 60mm base, the Vibrant Prism Waterpipe strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability. Its thoughtfully designed side mouthpiece prevents water splashback, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable session from start to finish.

Indulge your senses and elevate your smoking experience with the Vibrant Prism Waterpipe. Immerse yourself in a world of vivid colors, impeccable filtration, and unmatched versatility. It’s time to add a touch of vibrant artistry to your smoking ritual.

BONGSnPIPES is your premier source for genuine Billy Mate Bongs at highly competitive prices. Place your order or reach out to us for round-the-clock expert guidance.


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