Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine


Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine
Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine


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+ Model No: BM420
+ Material: stainless steel
+ Capacity: 1300 ML
+ Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V/50Hz
+ Motor Power: 150W
+ Heating Power: 850W
+ Temperature range: 32F to 250F
+ Time Range: 30 mins to 12 hours

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Please be aware that these glass pipes are handcrafted, and as a result, they may exhibit minor imperfections. The quality of each pipe may vary, and their appearance could slightly differ from the image on the webpage.

Additionally, it's important to note that glass products are delicate, and there is no assurance regarding their durability or longevity of use.

Details: Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine

Introducing the revolutionary Billy Mate All-In-One Infusion Machine – the game-changing device that takes your cooking game to the next level and makes creating irresistible infused treats a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this incredible device is designed to cater to all skill levels and lets you infuse herbs with ease, making it perfect for cooking with cannabis.

The device’s advanced decarb function is a standout feature, ensuring that your infusions are potent and effective, making them perfect for medicinal purposes. With its simple and intuitive interface, anyone can use it, and its mess-free design eliminates spills and cleanup.

But the Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine isn’t just limited to making infused butter. It’s a versatile device that can handle a wide range of ingredients, including oils, tinctures, honey, and syrups, allowing you to create a variety of infused treats.

Infused oils, for instance, are great for adding flavor to various dishes, including salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. With the Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine, making infused oils is a breeze, giving you the freedom to get creative with your culinary creations.

Tinctures are also incredibly popular among cannabis users as they provide a convenient and discreet way to consume cannabis. The Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine ensures that the cannabinoids are activated, providing maximum potency and efficacy.

Infused honey and syrups add sweetness to your infused dishes, making them perfect for drizzling over pancakes or adding to your morning cup of tea. The Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine makes it easy to create these infused sweeteners, ensuring that they’re potent and delicious.

And that’s not all! The Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine can also be used to infuse other ingredients like essential oils, creams, and more. You can even customize each mode by selecting the desired temperature and timing buttons to suit your personal preferences.

It’s easy to use, too! Simply connect the power cord to the bottom of the handle, place your desired ingredients in the chamber, and select the desired mode. Then, press the start button to use the preset temperature and time for your chosen mode, or customize the temperature and timing to your liking.

Whether you’re making full or half batches, starting with just half an ounce, the Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine is the ultimate kitchen gadget for creating infused treats, oils, tinctures, honey, syrups, and more. Don’t wait any longer to elevate your cooking game and impress your friends and family with your irresistible creations. Order now and take your cooking game to the next level.

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