How To Choose The Right Grinder

Why Do I Need A Grinder?

For many purposes, grinders are helpful. Using your fingers to crush cannabis will cause you to get kief and cannabis oils on your fingers, but grinders will enable you to save your kief for subsequent use instead of losing it. It’s easier to grind your cannabis when you roll joints or blunts. If you smoke a periodic bucket, it will be easier to grind your marijuana.

Different Types Of Grinders


Plastic grinders are smaller, meaning that performance is not going to be as great as other grinders. It’s because they’re inexpensive and they operate that individuals like them. Plastic grinders are nice for your first grinder and they’re doing what they’re meant to do. The fingernails appear to crack after a while.


Wooden grinders last longer and appear to be more versatile than plastic grinders. The teeth are not very strong and after a number of use, the wood begins to break. In some cases, they work better than a plastic grinder, but if catching kief is your intention to own a grinder, it might not be the best choice for you. If your primary cause to own a grinder is to burn your herb, a metal grinder should work just fine for your reasons.


 How To Choose The Right Grinder

Metal grinders are much better than plastic or wood. They’re going to last forever, they’re not going to die or break, and the teeth remain sweet and tender. Typically, metal grinders are produced of aluminum or titanium. The aim of digging your grass is to use metal grinders, and some arrive with kief catchers to save your kief.


Some people find electric grinders appealing because they rapidly grind your herb. Usually, they’re inexpensive and efficient. You wouldn’t be willing to retrieve kief with one, but once again, if all you need is something to rapidly crush your herb without making any attempt, then this is a nice option for you!

Different Styles Of Grinders


The most fundamental grinders are two-part grinders. There are a top sheet and a middle sheet with diamond teeth strategically positioned on both ends for grinding and separating the herb without worrying about big parts or going stuck. There’s no kief room to catch.

Three Piece

A grinder of three pieces has a bit of top, bottom, and middle. The upper and middle parts are the primary processing parts for the herb and have a lower chamber to catch a kief or hold a herbal stash. Those three-part grinders that are intended to assist hold your kief arrive with a mesh panel to catch it that lies beneath the grinding teeth of the center section going into the lower chamber.

Four Piece

How To Choose The Right Grinder
There are four parts in a four-piece grinder, top, bottom and two corners. The bottom part is the tray that has the teeth to grind. The second item is the punching part at the edge. In relation to the teeth, the second part contains openings for cannabis to pass through. The third item is the mesh display cabinet that holds a grinded flower stash and enables keif to drop into the ultimate room as the main receiver.

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