Why Is Your IGET Bar Plus Leaking: Top 5 Reasons and Solutions

The IGET Bar Vape Plus boasts a user-friendly replaceable pod system known as the IGET Pods (IGET Bar Plus Pods), enabling effortless transitions between e-liquid flavors. This innovative system also allows users to carry multiple pods, each with a distinct flavor, for convenient on-the-go vaping experiences.

While pod systems offer convenience, they can be susceptible to leaks. Leaky pods can be frustrating, lead to wastage of e-liquid, and potentially harm the device over time. If vape juice infiltrates the device’s components, it can lead to malfunctions or device damage.

Therefore, it is imperative to address the issue of leaking in the IGET Bar Plus promptly and take preventative measures to avoid its recurrence. In this article, we will guide you through addressing and preventing these concerns. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Understanding why IGET Bar Plus Leaking

Vaping is often preferred over smoking due to its convenience, but even with proper care, your IGET Bar Plus may experience leaking issues. This typically occurs in the IGET Bar Plus Pod attached to the mouthpiece, resulting in e-liquid seeping from the mouthpiece or airflow hole.

A slight amount of liquid escaping during inhalation is normal, but if you notice a significant liquid presence, your vape is likely leaking. Leakage occurs when e-juice escapes from the tank through the airflow system, and the amount of leakage can vary.

So, why does your IGET Bar Plus leak, and how can you prevent it? Don’t worry; we will provide solutions and guidance to help you avoid leaks. Read on for details!

Understanding why IGET Bar Plus Leaking
Understanding why IGET Bar Plus Leaking

2. Reasons for IGET Bar Plus Leaking

  • Mishandling the Pod: The Bar Plus Pods may seem robust, but improper handling can lead to damage and subsequent leaks. Excessive pressure or biting on a pod while it’s in your mouth can cause structural damage and result in leakage. It’s essential to handle your pods with care at all times.
  • Using a Pod for Extended Periods: Continuously using a pod without replacing it, especially when it’s depleted and produces a burnt taste, can lead to leaks. Over time, the coil inside the pod becomes less effective at retaining e-liquid, causing it to seep through the coil and out of the device.
  • Low Battery: A low battery in your Bar Plus device can contribute to e-liquid leakage. A weak battery may fail to vaporize the e-liquid properly, causing it to be drawn through the mouthpiece as liquid rather than vapor.
  • Defective Hardware: Defective pods or devices can be the root cause of IGET Bar Plus leaking. Pods or devices may arrive with defects, such as missing seals or damaged mouthpieces, resulting in leaks.
  • Excessive Vaping: Excessive vaping can lead to e-juice leaking from the mouthpiece. This occurs when liquid is drawn into the coil housing too quickly for vaporization, causing excess liquid to be pulled through the mouthpiece and resulting in leakage.
  • Purchasing a Counterfeit IGET Bar Plus: Fake Bar Plus Vapes are not subject to regulatory oversight. They lack safety testing for e-liquid storage and equipment structures, posing a significant risk of leakage. Consider exploring other IGET products to ensure authenticity and quality

3. Identifying IGET Bar Plus Leaking

  • External Traces: Observe visible oil stains on the exterior of the IGET 6000 Puffs, likely resulting from leakage during use.
  • Oil Sensation in the Mouth: If you detect an oily sensation while vaping, it may indicate oil leakage during Bar Plus 6000 use.
  • Odor: E-liquids used in Bar Plus vapes have distinct scents. If you notice this scent when the IGET Bar Plus is not in use, it may be due to oil leakage.
  • Touch: If the exterior of the Bar Plus feels oily, it may be a result of oil leakage.
  • Leakage Traces: If you consistently find oil stains in a specific location where you place your Bar Plus Vape, it may indicate oil leakage from the device.
Identifying IGET Bar Plus Leaking
Identifying IGET Bar Plus Leaking

4. Addressing and Preventing IGET Bar Plus Leaking

Now that we’ve identified the causes and signs of IGET Bar Plus leaking, let’s explore the appropriate solutions for each situation:

4.1. Clear Out Excess E-Liquid

If you experience minor e-liquid leakage with your IGET Bar Plus Pods, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the pod from the battery.
  2. Place a tissue at the bottom of the pod.
  3. Gently blow through the mouthpiece to remove excess e-liquid onto the tissue.
  4. Re-insert the pod and resume vaping.

4.2. Store in a Safe Location

To prevent accidental damage or leaks, avoid shaking or dropping your IGET Bar Plus. Store it in secure locations, away from high places or areas prone to bumps when not in use.

4.3. Check for Blockages and Proper Pod Insertion

Ensure there are no blockages in the pod, and confirm that the pod is correctly inserted. Blockages in the center pipe can restrict airflow and cause unvaporized e-liquid to leak through the mouthpiece or airflow holes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper pod insertion.

Addressing and Preventing IGET Bar Plus Leaking
Addressing and Preventing IGET Bar Plus Leaking

4.4. Regularly Change Pods

IGET Bar Plus Pods are disposable and should be replaced regularly, depending on your vaping frequency. Replacing pods in a timely manner helps prevent leaks and maintains optimal performance.

4.5. Keep Your Battery Charged

Maintain your device’s battery level to prevent leaks. The frequency of charging depends on your usage, but it’s advisable to charge it at least every few days. Charging typically takes 30 to 60 minutes.

4.6. Inhale Slowly and Softly

Gentle inhalation produces vapor without causing leaks. Inhaling slowly and softly allows the vapor to cool before reaching your throat, offering a smoother vaping experience that’s easier on your lungs.

4.7. Replace with New IGET Bar Plus Pods

If you notice significant e-liquid leakage in your IGET Bar Plus Pod, replace it promptly. These disposable pods are easy to replace and come in various flavors to enhance your vaping experience.

4.8. Replace Your IGET Bar Plus Device

If you find that leaked e-liquid has infiltrated your device, potentially compromising the battery and other crucial components, leading to malfunctions or, in the worst-case scenario, device breakage. Ensuring your vaping safety is paramount, so it’s essential to replace your device with a brand new IGET Bar Plus. Additionally, keep in mind that devices have a limited lifespan, and as a general rule, we recommend replacing your device after using 5 IGET Refillable Pods.

4.9. Seeking After-Sales Assistance

If you’ve purchased your Bar Plus from IGET Vape Australia and are encountering leakage issues, you can reach out to their online after-sales customer service. The IGET Vape online store offers every customer one year of free warranty service, ensuring you overcome any obstacles in your vaping journey and enjoy a worry-free vaping experience.

4.10. Purchase Your IGET Bar Plus Through Official Channels

To guarantee that you acquire genuine Bar Plus Vape products, we strongly recommend purchasing directly from the official website or other authorized outlets. To differentiate between authentic and counterfeit products, follow these guidelines:

  1. Verify the serial number of your Bar Plus.
  2. Purchase your Bar Plus from reputable vendors.
  3. Exercise caution when encountering unusually low prices for Bar Plus.
  4. Pay close attention to the packaging and labels of Bar Plus products.