7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bongs Under 100

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bongs Under 100

Due to their popularity, many physical headshops and online headshops tend to sell bongs at ridiculous prices. It’s easy to deceive customers by exaggerating glass quality, especially without universal quality metrics. At Toker Supply, our online headshop sells bongs under 100. We like to remind our customers that with the different bong options – which are wide-ranging – there is a piece for everyone.

 Why You Should Buy Bongs Under 100 ?

1- They’re Affordable : By purchasing bongs under 100, you can diversify your collection without breaking the bank

2- Use As a Travel Bong: For many smokers, bringing along a bong is as essential as a suitcase and clothes. But, many people are understandably reluctant to travel with a fragile and expensive piece.

Because they are not as costly to replace, bongs under 100 make great travel bongs. You can keep your primary pieces safe and sound at home while still smoking regularly. Whether you are going to a friend’s house or driving across the country, bongs make an outstanding addition to your trip. Don’t forget your ash catcher!

3- Still A Great Smoking Experience: Bongs under 100 still have all of the essential components of any standard bong.

Bowl: This is where smokers pack (and eventually light) the dry herb. The bowl is removable, so that the smoke can flow through the body.

Base: The bottom of a bong, which may be circular, ovalur, or another shape. The base contains the water chamber that filters the smoke.

Carb: A hole that allows smoke to rush from the base of the bong to the smoker’s mouth and lungs. The carb is revealed after the bowl is removed.

Downstem: The narrow tube that connects the bowl to the base of the bong.

Body/tube: The piece that connects the base to the mouthpiece. Generally, the downstem contains percolators and other additional filters.

4- Durable Glass: Despite the fact that they are inexpensive, these bongs are still composed of durable glass. While they may not survive a 10 foot drop, they will certainly resist the wear and tear that other glass pipes do not.

5- During the bong selection process, percolators are one of the most important aspects to consider. After passing through the water chamber, the smoke also passes through percolators. These percolators aid in cooling the smoke, as well as creating a smooth hit.

While the percolators may not be as aesthetically appealing or varied as more expensive bongs, bongs under 100 still have percolator options.

6- Also Great for Daily Use

Different smokers have different mentalities about smoking habits. Where some people may prefer to smoke out of their best pieces each day, others prefer to save them for special occasions. With this perspective, bongs under 100 are a critical piece of that puzzle.

Though they may lack the cutting-edge qualities of higher-end products, bongs under 100 are perfect for daily use. They are ideal for pleasant smoking sessions, without spoiling yourself.

7. Save Money to Spend on Herbs

What’s the point of having a bong without herbs?

When you purchase a bong under 100, you can allocate your smoking budget more wisely. This means having more herb, and the means to smoke it.

Get Bongs Under 100 Today

Each smoker has a different experience. But, bongs under $100 carry a timeless value for everyone. Adding a reasonably priced bong to your collection will help you to enjoy the pleasures of filtration without spending a fortune. Contact us for more information about our bong selection.